Living Wall Planters

Pamela Crawford’s New Living Wall Planters. Hang alone or in multiples to fit your space.

Advantages for Living Walls:

  • Side planting system uses replaceable coco-liners
  • Luxuriant Growth in regular potting mix
  • 14″ square planters group together seemlessly
  • Affordable

The Secret to the Instant Full Look:
Flexible Planting Holes

1.7″ holes with four 1″ slits allow well-developed plants from 3″-4″ pots to be side planted


Living Wall Planter Using Orchids

Photo Shows 4 Planters Grouped Together in a Square.

“While landscaping 1500 homes—including the outdoor living areas—I ran into a lot of blank walls that needed beauty. I thought of them as blank canvasses ready for a beautiful creation, but the availability of products for outdoor walls is minimal. I developed my Living Wall Planters for Kinsman Company because of this need. They are designed for outdoor walls and are an incredibly versatile planting system. Each individual planter measures 14″ wide x 14″ tall x 5” deep. Plant them alone or in huge,dramatic groups. “
~Pamela Crawford

Pamela Crawford Living Wall Planter with Liner

ZWALL $40.95

Pamela Crawford New Living Wall

Pamela Crawford Living Wall Replacement Liners

(Frame Sold Separately)

CLZWALL $16.95

Pamela Crawford Replacement Coco Liners with 9 front holes and 6 side holes for 14" x 14" x 5" basket